Welcome to Prachesta Charity

As the saying goes, “those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”

With the above aphorism in mind, some spirited, indefatigable, congruent youth teamed up and started a charitable, non-profit intended organisation that aimed at giving underprivileged students an equal chance in education vis-a-vis their advantageous counterpart, so they can integrate with the society and the world at large.

The organisation appropriately named PRACHESTA which signifies one’s constant striving for achievement of the desired goal one has set up for himself. Its foundation laid on the very fact that education is the premise of progress for every family, every society and every nation, discontinuing it is a completely irrational decision – any way one slices it.

PRACHESTA focuses on providing financial assistance to poor children who are unable to afford their school education and therefore are on the threshold of quitting studies.

Braced with success and a sense of fulfilment PRACHESTA decided to take their mission one step further by rendering their work official and registering their organisation with appropriate authority so that they are able to approach more people who have heart for the underprivileged. PRACHESTA thus got registered as a Trust with the Office of the Charity Commissioner, Thane in September, 2017.

PRACHESTA aspires to act as FERRULE – that prevents the education being split from a child’s horizon.